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How Do We Make Brewers Hose Assemblies?

Step One: Custom Brewers Hose Order

Our brewers hose builder allows customers to place an order for a custom brewers hose. Customers can either place an order directly on our website, brewmasterstore.com, via live chat, email or phone. 

brewers hose

Step Two: The Hose Selection

Hoses can be ordered in lengths from 1 metre to 40 metres, with a bore size of 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 4". Once we've received your order and we know your exact requirements, we are able to select the correct size and type of hose and then cut it to the correct length. 

Step Three: The Fittings

Our custom brewers hoses can come with either a tri-clamp or RJT fitting. Tell us your exact requirements and we select the hose tail fittings and crimping ferrules which get swaged onto the hose to form the end to end hygienic hose assembly.

Step Four: Reference Number

In order to identify hoses, as standard, we mark the fittings and ferrules with a reference number and the date it was manufactured. This allows the hoses to be traced when needed.

brewers hose

Step Five: Quality Assurance

Before a hose is assembled we check all of the components are working correctly and suitable to be assembled together. 

Step Six: Assembly

Once the brewers hose components have been checked for quality, we assemble the parts as per your exact order requirements. 

Step Seven: Swaging

When we connect the fittings to the hoses, this is called swaging or crimping. The ferrule and the hose tail are locked together and then crushed with the hose in the middle. This method creates a hygienic connection between hose and fitting, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

brewers hose

Step Eight: Testing

Once the brewers hose is assembled, it is then pressured tested to make sure that there are no leaks. We also ensure that the fittings are correctly swaged. Proper testing is conducted to make sure the hose is safe and will perform properly.

Step 8: Deliver to Your Door

Once your hose has been prepared, we ship it directly to your door. We promise to deliver all hose assemblies with seven business days. Shipping is free to mainland UK addresses, plus, upon request, we can also offer international and next delivery.