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Bull City Homebrew is Durham's homebrewing and wine making headquarters. We love making beer and wine. It's a passion of ours, and something we've all done for a long time. We have the latest selection of grains, hops and yeasts to meet all of your beer and wine making needs, from beginner to brewmeister. We also offer kits and equipment packages to get you brewing your favorites as quickly as possible. We always want to hear about your batches and help you make your beer and wine making as successful as possible.

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Websites are not one-size-fits-all. Some people come here who have never brewed, others have made over 100 batches. We want to help show you content that's meaningful to your level of experience.

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The Don's Offer You Can't Refuse

20% off Select Briess LME Growlers!

"Do you guys fill growlers?" The Don hears this all the time, but unfortunately he hasn't filled a growler since his days of running that speakeasy out of the back of an little italian restuarant, who his legal counsel advises should remain nameless. He misses those days, though, when anyone with a fermenting bucket, some extract and some yeast basically owned their own bar.

Today, the Don still fills growlers, but he fills them with LME. At least that's what the label says. He's offering 20% off the following LME growlers:

LME GrowlerOld priceSale price
Briess Pilsen Light 33 lb LME Growler$79.99$63.99
Briess Munich 33 lb LME Growler$79.99$63.99
Briess Sparkling Amber 33 lb LME Growler$79.99$63.99
Briess Bavarian Wheat 33 lb LME Growler$79.99$63.99

Come and pick one up today at these great prices. You don't even have to know the password! Offer valid until the Don deems it to be invalid, so hurry in today!

El Dorado Hops Available!

Discover the Gold

Maybe you thought El Dorado was a tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust, who's whereabouts was highly sought after by the famous Sir Walter Raleigh. Maybe you thought it was a vintage Cadillac, a John Wayne movie, or even a great mexican restaurant. You'd be right about all of these, but if you didn't think of hops, you'd be missing the most important El Dorado of all.

We are now carrying this incredible new hop. It's a special, dual-purpose variety with exceptional aroma qualities and high alpha acids. Want to know more? Check out the grower's web page, or even better, stop in and pick some up today!

Available in one ounce pouches or one pound packages.

New Shirts Are In!

Embroidered Hoodies and Classy T's

We've got just what you need to stay warm in this snowy weather! Throw on an embroidered hoodie, grab your favorite winter warmer and get cozy with your mash tun when the snow is falling outside. Or just say to hell with the energy bill, turn your thermostat up to 80 and throw on a t-shirt. Either way, you're gonna like the way you look in your new homebrew shirts... we gaurantee it!

Of course, these shirts carry on the long-standing tradition of tax-free awesomeness. That's right, wear one of these when you come to the store and we'll pay your sales tax in 2014. Go ahead and shelter some of that hard-earned money into some sales-tax-free homebrew supplies, and let the world know that you love to brew!

Thanks to my lovely assistant, a 5 gallon carboy of Schwartzbier. After lagering for over a month in the keezer, I think she appreciated the hoodie...

Gift certificates are available online

Not sure what to get the homebrewer or wine maker in your life? Maybe you know someone who's interested in getting started and want to let them decide what they need. A gift certificate will is just what you're looking for! You can come in and pick one up, give us a call at 919-682-0300, or order it right on the website and we'll mail it to you. Take the guesswork out of gift giving... a gift certificate lets them get exactly what they want.

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